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It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Learn how to control your ship and manage your crew. Why use 40 NPC on your Brigantine and waste valuable levelups, when can do the same? This guide is a tutorial how to raise the effectiveness of your ship, by adding additional firepower but reducing the crew and as such upkeep cost.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Mighty Phil Online. Guide Index. The Basics. Manage Crew. Crew Roles. Using Groups. Commanding your ship is pretty straight forward. The basics are written down in a tooltip in the top left corner of your screen, but what are those icons on the right doing you might ask? Selected Groups will stop firing. V: Fire at will. Selected Groups will start shooting at marked target. RMB: Release to mark target.

atlas crew guide

LMB: Manual Fire. Hold to aim, release to fire. RMB to cancel. N Hold 5 sec : Selected Group dismount and melee Crew set to aggressive. Counter boarding parties but can be used to unseat. Be aware of aggressive stance or your crew might run off to punch a shark. See Chapter: "Groups" for correct usecases.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. This guide references useful Atlas Wiki sections that newcomers to the game might want to look at in-depth, and provides an overview of the first steps to the successful conquest of Land and Sea.

Useful pages and tips for new players:. Atlas is a game that revolves around SurvivalCharacter Optimization and Exploration and Conquest of your environment. You will begin the game with basic Attributes Statswhich can be increased as you level up, and your initially chosen Skillswhich you will also add to as you increase your level and spend skill points.

To gather Wood, for example, you must approach a tree and punch it with your fists by clicking your mouse. This Vitamins element of feeding your character means that, unlike other survival games, Atlas proposes that the player should consume a varied diet rather than just get by on one single food source.

Different ecosystems are found depending on the Biomes that they develop in, so you will find a wide variety of Creatures to challenge and consume to fulfill this need depending on your location, as well as different plants and other resources to harvest. Explore your surroundings fully and get to know what can be found where. Atlas is a survival game, and as such you need to take care of a few different aspects of keeping your character alive.

In addition to maintaining your health and wellbeing in order to survive, you must also of course survive the various other hazards of Atlas. There are many different Creatures roaming the lands and seas of Atlasand while some are passive and will simply run away from you if you approach, others will attack you if you bother them such as by punching them!

Be wary of the many Creatures in Atlas and prepare to have to fight for your life! Environmental hazards are also to be considered, and can include threats such as Tornadoes or Water Spouts which can do huge damage to your Ship, and even simple darkness, which at its worst might render you blind!

Preparation is key! You will gain experience XP as you complete activities such as harvesting resources or killing creatures. As you gather more XP you will level up, which gives you points to spend in your Attributes and your Skills see below. Depending on your playstyle you may choose to level different attributes, but as a beginner it may be wise to spend a good few of your first points in Health to help you stay alive.

Stamina and Movement Speed are also good choices to spend points on early in the game as the can help you run faster and further in order to outrun hostile creatures, as well as being of benefit in combat.

Melee Damage is of course a good attribute to level for those who intend to prioritize combat, and can also increase your yield when harvesting by hand. Points spent in Weight can be of use, allowing you to carry more resources with you, but most players would consider points spent in Water or Food to be a waste.

Atlas MMO Beginner Tips And Trick

Explore outside your original Freeport and begin harvesting Resources as soon as possible. Players will first want to obtain:. Punching rocks and trees results in a loss of Hitpoints Health Lossso it's wise to craft Tools such as the Hatchet and Pickaxe as quickly as possible.

Using Tools also increases the Harvesting yield, so you'll get more Resources per tree or rock and so on. Equip Tools via your Inventory you may wish to add them to your Hotbar for quick access and use the melee attack to harvest from rocks and trees and other harvestable assets in the environment around you. Once you have crafted your basic Tools there are a number of basic materials to keep in mind as they will quickly become useful as you begin to learn more things to craft.

There are lots of other Resources available to be harvested from the world of Atlas - check out the full list at our Resources page. Basic Crafting is achieved in your inventory, which you can access by pressing 'I', while more advanced items will require Crafting Stations.

The first things you'll probably want to craft are the Stone PickaxeStone Hatchetand Cloth Armoras well as a Weapon of some kind.

Once you have leveled up, spend a point in the Survivalism skill tree to purchase ' The Basics ' skill.You should take time to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game. You can see all of the controls and hotkeys by pressing Esc key on your keyboard and then clicking on options. You can change your keybinds, as well as assign keybinds for things like increasing or decreasing the game brightness very useful during the nighttime when you don't have a torch.

Also, if you have a keyboard that does not have a numpad, you should change your 'zoom in button' for the map. You can open the map with M, and it shows you your global coordinates and position in the region you are in marked by red x. Xbox: This aggression level is on the whistle wheel, but this will actually cause the aggression level 'Attack My Target' to be set, and it is unknown if this is intended.

To drop all of a specifi item, use the inventory's search function so only the item you want to drop displays, and then hit "Drop all" and it will drop all of that item. Example: berries from an elephant or giraffe. It is not finished yet and sometimes it is deactivated. Character Creation in ATLAS is purported to involve incredibly in-depth customization, with a vast array of sliders, morphs, muscle tones and tweakable values.

You can even per-pixel design your own permanent tattoos' in addition to the temporary war paint you can add in-game! Follow the Title for Instruction to make your own tattoo! Aging systems will be purely cosmetic at launch but will eventually gradually apply status effects to 'simulate the effects of time and requiring you to either find a fountain of youth or risk permadeath'.

Grapeshot suggests that eventually a progeny system will allow you to mate with other players, creating babies which you raise until the age of 20, at which point you could 'body swap' into them and 'stave off death by becoming your own progeny'. As players progress through the game, various activities such as harvesting resources, crafting and hunting afford your experience. As players hit XP milestones they progress through levels up to level cap ofand with each level will receive a point to spend on increasing whichever attribute or stat they choose.

The level cap could be change time by time. Different play styles will recommend different choices as players level up. For example, a player who focuses heavily on Crafting and Building may wish to spend a lot of points in Weightto allow them to carry lots of Resources or Structuresor Intelligence to provide better crafted items. A player who enjoys the adventuring side of Atlas may choose to level Stamina and Movement Speedto give them a better chance of outrunning dangers, or Health and Melee Damageto help fight them off - or, of course, a balance of all four, plus a little weight for carting Armor and Weapons around.

This ability to pick and choose what and how much to level gives players a great amount of freedom and allows for almost innumerable Builds, in the traditional sense.

As you take damage, whether from violent attacks or from hunger, thirst, environmental danger or some other threat, this pool depletes until it reaches 0, at which point you are dead and must Respawn. Once your Health is below 30 HP, you will become Injuredand will move much slower and cannot jump. Health regenerates passively as long as your Food and Water stats are not depleted.

You can drink some Milk and get a little Buff to increase your health. Some Food are better to heal you too like Tara Nostri Treat. If you have tamed a Monkey they give you a Buff too and heals you by the time he sit on your shoulder. Stamina in ATLAS is a measure of the physical energy available to you, and permits such actions as sprinting, jumping, swimming, harvesting and melee attacks.

Stamina regenerates passively once you desist Stamina-depleting actions.

atlas crew guide

You need to heal first to regenarte Stamina again. If your Food or Water levels are at 0, your Stamina regenerate will be vastly slowed.

The value of your Oxygen Attribute in ATLAS denotes how long you may remain underwater without beginning to drown, as well as how fast you move in the water. Fully submerging in water will cause you to drain Oxygen over time until you either surface, at which point the Oxygen stat will regenerate until you re-submerge, or begin to Suffocate when your Oxygen reaches 0. Once you are suffocating, your Health will begin to drain rapidly until you either surface, or die.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos.

Crewmembers hired from Freeports will be Novice Sailors and will start at level one. Higher level crewmembers can be recruited from the wreckage of defeated Ships of the Damned. Once the Ship has been defeated, its erstwhile crew can be recruited to crew your own Ship by putting Gold Coin s in the last slot of your hot bar, swimming close and passive taming.

Crewmembers can be assigned to a number of different tasks, including manning the cannons and sails, repairing the Ship, and various other duties.

Assigning crewmembers to the Sails means you can control the Sails from the helm, essentially allowing solo Sailing of any size Ship. While at the helm with crew assigned to the Sailsyou can lower or raise the Sails using W and S, and use A and D to turn them left or right. Assigning a crewmember to the steering wheel allows the use of an autopilot function.

When your Ship is anchored, your Crew will begin automatically repairing any damage to the Ship using resources from the Ship Resources Box.

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atlas crew guide

Load more.To breed tamed animals you have to have male and female of the same species. Both of the breeding pair need to be set to wandering and need to be in close proximity.

You need the right skill for breeding animals. Tier 1 requires Breeding. Tier 2 need Breeding Tier 2. And the last one tier 3 with Breeding Tier 3. Temperature is important when breeding. The mating will not start or will be interrupted if the temperature is not correct for that species. When both pairs are set to wandering and in close proximity, but the mating doesn't start the female may have icon over her head. Icon with an island with snow on top means it's too cold to start mating, tropical island with palm trees suggest that it's too hot.

Temperature is also important after an egg is laid or when the mother has given birth in order to hatch the egg and grow the animal into maturity; the baby will lose health if the temperature is not suitable. Babies can't eat by themselves ex: from a Feeding Troughthey need to have edible food for that species in their inventory or they will starve to death. The inventory weight, stomach and health of the baby will be limited in function of its maturity; it requires a lot of care in its early days.

Breeding is a feature of ATLAS that allows players to breed improved creatures through eggs with non-mammals and gestation with mammals. Eggs do not have an owner, so it's possible to steal eggs laid by other survivors' animals. Newborn creatures are simply claimed imprinted on and do not require the usual taming processes associated with wild creatures.

atlas crew guide

Anyone can claim a newborn. This must be done promptly, along with feeding it, as babies can die quickly from hunger. The first step of breeding is having two opposite sex creatures of the same species for mating. Most creatures can be bred; those few that cannot are listed at the bottom of this article.The world of Atlas is a huge, dangerous place full of opportunity, conquest, collapse, adventure, friendship, betrayal, struggle, loss and glorious battles.

In Atlas you are going to be able to command a massive trade network, see the world, chart its seas: defeat enemies and uncover their secrets in order to rule over a vast empire. The Atlas is going to be very hard for inexperienced starters but just remember that the harder it is, better the rewards and this Atlas MMO Beginner Guide is here to help you!

Once you spawn, your main goal as a new player should be to walk out of the town you just spawned in and start harvesting resources. You can get Plant Fibers by harvesting bushes, wood by punching trees and stone by punching rocks. Your email address will not be published.

Skip to content. Harvesting Once you spawn, your main goal as a new player should be to walk out of the town you just spawned in and start harvesting resources. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Bring him to the object u want him to use Wheel, Sails, Cannonand press E again, click on something like "Use Cannon". To auto repair the ship, give him a repair hammer and have him doing nothing. He will repair whilst u are anchored and have the required resources in the Resource chest unlocked in Captain skill tree i believeapparently it shows him sweeping the deck whilst he is repairing, i havent confirmed it, but have seen that animation.

Get a Resource Chest and put all of the repair materials into that chest, including all your gold unless the weight gets too much.

How to play guide for ATLAS

Idk about the Crew Food storage, i assume it feeds the crew for u. But there really isn't a need for it if you only have like 5 crew members imo, they very rarely need feeding. They will have a Wild Level on their stats, as far as i know all bought NPCs at the freeport have a Wild Level of 1, meaning their max lvl is 2 just x2 the wild lvl. I assume stranded NPCs will exist in the future, or maybe we can hire the crew from destroyed Ships of the Damned?

Advice: Get atleast 1 crew for each sail ASAP, its really fun and only requires 1 human to control the ship from now on. Maybe set them all to passive so they dont try attacking stuff when u are anchored maybe. Hathcyn View Profile View Posts. They do the sweeping animation with or without a hammer, and I can't seem to get them to actually repair while doing it either way.

Cipher View Profile View Posts. How much gold you paying for them? You have to equip them with the sword or pike. Put weapon in NPCs inventory right click weapon and Click equip. Strikingzeta View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Adam Earlston :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 1 Jan, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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