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Gym P. Try to reason with the person. Strategize and try to outwit them. Get help from a friend or a teacher. Beat them up, regardless of the consequences.

Scare them away. Football American. The city. The beach. The countryside. The mountains. The forest. Water so nutritious! Gatorade or another sports drink. Tea or milk. Which of these Japanese meals do you like best?

bnha hawks quiz

If you don't know, just pick the one that looks the best! Sashimi classic. Bento box. Tonkatsu spicy! Soba cold. Caring toward my friends. It was incredibly well-thought-out! It was great, thank you! I wish I could make a quiz this great! Just give me my darn result! It was Comments Change color. ReetGurl Ready for your result? It's Uraraka Ochako. You are kind and gentle, but because of this, many people underestimate you. You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it, and your friends describe you as determined.Questions in vertical order.

Sprint to school as fast as you can. Absolutely destroy your alarm clock before sprinting to school. Wait untuil your first class is over before going to your second becasue you were to nervous to walk in and have everyone stare at you. Moonwalk into your classroom 2 hours late. You overhear a woman being mugged in an alley way. Do you Defend the woman and fight off the bad guys. Mind your business. Call the cops. Come up with a plan to outsmart and capture the bad guys yourself.

Stand there and panic about what to do. Alert someone else about it and have them deal with it. Agree and then snitch on them after. Beat the Jesus out of that weakling who kiddnaped you.

Somehow silently escape your kiddnaper. See what they want with you. Reason with the kidnapper to let you go. What do you think of all might Meh. I could take him any day. Very cool. My friend of course!

Perhaps I can save both of them somehow. My friend is my most valuable item. Lastly What kind of quirk do you want Healing. A flashy one. A fun one. A mysterious one.Are you a true fan of Shoto Todorki? Shoto Todoroki is another important character in the My Hero Academia series. Many fans consider Todoroki Shoto to be their favourite character because he is a very cool character.

Todoroki Shoto is a friend of Izuku Midoriya.

bnha hawks quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge about this character. My Hero Academia is an anime series created by Kohei Horikoshi. It is about a world where superpowers are normal. In this world, heroes fight villains using their superpowers.

The world needs many heroes because of there are a lot of villains. This quiz will test your knowledge of the characters of My Hero Academia. Let's play. Play again. Username or Email Address.

To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Email address:. Home About Us Terms of Service. Best Anime Quizzes. Latest Popular Hot Trending. Menu Home Quiz. Search Search for: Search. Home Quiz. Does Shoto have an eye disease? All Might. Blue Jeanist.

Which U.A. Student From "My Hero Academia" Are You?

How many quirks does Shoto have? What school does Shoto Todorki attend? High School. Where did Shoto do his hero apprenticeship? Ice and Fire. Half Ice Half Fire. Half Cold Half Hot. Cold and Hold. Why did Shoto refuse to use his flame quirk before fighting Izuku? He thinks he is too strong.Youre getting closer? Wings are cool! Commission bought Hawks for the same purpose Endeavor had his children with a wife he also bought, very likely while she was underage. How much are we willing to bet the Hero Commission covered for his abuse with the police, and maybe even threatened heroes who tried to look into him?

Number 1! Present Mic! OH also fun goofy sex. If a man can laugh with you during sex you should keep his number. Look hear me out okay and if you know you know okay. Aizawa Shouta, our beloved Eraserhead definitely fucking smokes okay. This man is stressed, depressed, and not that well dressed. Everyone talks about Kaminari and Sero being stoners and i do see that.

But everyone talks about that. Although now that i think about it i would love to be part of that stoned threesome oh my god.

bnha hawks quiz

Can you imagine the teamwork? That would be a damn good threesome. A good time. I am so fucking gay. She wants to get sky high with you and finger you for hours. She just wants to wreck you gently. I am the most useless lesbian. Bakugou is a goody goody and wouldnt smoke a cigarette which is legal so can you imagine his response to weed?

Shindou is a fuckboy, will smoke you up and fuck you. He revels in the sounds you make and how fucking eager you are for him. Shinsou definitely in the same way Aizawa would. He just wants to relax with you.

Another take on my Villain! Hawks AU.

See the little cloth around his neck? Yeah, that thing has history. I just wish I could write more of this story…. This was a huge struggle.Questions in vertical order. Favorite Female Character? Momo Yaoyorozu. Ochaco Uraraka. Tsuyu Asui. Kiniko Kamori. Himiko Toga.

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Mitsuki Bakugo. Inko Midoriya. Katsuki gets pissed and pushes you against a wall. What do you do next? Knee him in the crotch. Pretend like you're about to kiss him and while he is distracted run away. Walk away slowly never leaving eye contact.

We are in the middle of Japan and the nearest zoo is 50 miles away. Start crying in confusion. Vacation Spot? Day or Night Daytime. Favorite Season?? You accidentally called Mr. Aizawa dad. How do you react? It wasn't an accident. Wow thats the first time Ive said dad in years! Stare at Mr. Aizawa and whatever you do don't break eye contact. Favorite Animal? Bears any type of bear even if its not really a bear, koala, panda ect.

Any Aquatic Animal. Its game night, what game do you choose to play with the 1-A Class? Chutes and Ladders! Apples to Apples! Its really fun! Look of course! I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world!

¿Cuánto sabes de Hawks?

Try to ignore in respect of him, but find it hard not to look. Smuggle them out.He and the rest of his team serve as the primary antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. He also serves as an antagonist for the Pro Hero Arc. He later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Frontan organization formed from the remnants of the League and the Meta Liberation Army. Dabi is a fairly tall, pale young man of a slim, somewhat-lanky build, described to be in his early twenties.

He has longish, black hair that spikes up around his head, hanging low over his eyes, which are thin, turquoise in color, and heavily lidded. His most striking features, however, are undoubtedly the patches of gnarled, wrinkled, purple skin that cover much of his lower face and neck, all the way down past his collarbone, below his eyes and on his arms and legs. The burns underneath his eyes have scorched his tear glands, preventing him from crying.

He has several silver cartilage piercings in both ears, and a triple nostril piercing on the right side of his nose. In his first appearance, he wears a dark blue jacket with a high, ripped collar, and matching pants, cut off above his ankles, a pair of dark dress shoes on his feet.

He also has a plain pale gray, scoop-neck shirt, below which a gray belt with a circular pattern wraps around his waist, a leather satchel attached at the back. When he joins the Vanguard Action Squadhis look is updated, now consisting of a larger dark blue coat with two large metal cuffs at the end of each elbow-length sleeve, and a white stitch design on each of his shoulders, the hem ripped, extending down to his knees. His shirt and belt stay the same, but he replaces his pants with some larger ones of a darker color, and his shoes with black boots.

Around the time of the formation of the Paranormal Liberation FrontDabi acquires a new outfit to complete his status as one of the nine lieutenants of the organization. Dabi wears a darkish blue long coat with the same white cuffs similar to his previous one.

In addition, he dons a white v-necked shirt with white outlines. His stitches not only extends to his shoulder pads but also the kneecaps of his pants. The only things he retains are his silver belt, black boots, and his dark-colored pants. He also has three buttons on both sides of his coat.

Dabi is a stoic, aloof, confident and focused individual who rarely shows emotion. While rather crude and violent, he is actually cautious, choosing to retreat when Mirko arrived to aid Endeavor and made sure not to divulge too much information to Hawks about High-End because of the infancy of their relationship. He also gives the impression of knowing more about certain people than he lets on. Despite his usual expressionless behavior, Dabi finds joy in establishing himself as a villain fighting against what he believes to be false heroes, an ideology proposed by his apparent inspiration, Stain.

Dabi is dedicated to Stain's mission and desires to destroy superhuman society, sharing his belief that one person with the necessary conviction can do so. Dabi takes pleasure in taunting heroic figures, students, and Pro Heroes alike, sadistically enjoying the pain he inflicts on others, including those he murders.

Who's crushing on you? (MHA/BNHA)

He's not afraid of causing collateral destruction, rarely holding back, even if it puts his allies at risk. Dabi is intolerant of most people and can be very derisive. He insulted Tomura Shigaraki immediately after meeting him and constantly does the same to both his allies and enemies. And while the League would go on to develop a strong sense of camaraderie, Dabi has remained distant from them for the most part.

He has admitted that he doesn't care for Tomura or the rest of the League, and that the value he puts on them comes mostly from their ability to bring his ambitions into reality. This selfish way of thinking establishes Dabi as an extreme sociopath.

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