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By achieving true independence, they've managed to become far better people. You can name any reason you want, but it all comes down to the same thing; we have a debt of honor to the man who brought all of us together, and the people who believe that we stand for something more.

And nobody will trust us, and nobody will respect us, not even ourselves. The Wikipedia is scorned because it's too easy! And we as teachers and mentors dislike more than anything our students researching an assignment the easy way! Everything must be long and tedious.

Otherwise, they'll begin to notice how pointless most of the work we give them really is! Is this what you desire, Luna?

Young ponies questioning our brilliant education system? Phalanx : "this story is in some ways a modern-day version of a dark fairy tale and it is in keeping with the tone of those kind of stories.

They weren't particularly subtle about their aesops. I think this fic drops whole hailstorm of them. Celestia: "When I was a fil And any negative consequence they suffered was because they invited it on themselves by being bullies. Have things really changed so that just standing up to somepony who's hurting you gets you called a bully? In the last decade alonewe have had police brutality against people of color, hate crimes against homosexuals and immigrants from other parts of the world denied access to the U.

Most of the time, the immigrants are nowhere near related to the violent people. How can we call ourselves equals when we, as Americans, still stereotype and racial profile each other? At the same time, Americans see this happening and decide to watch and comment on the drama on social media instead of doing something about it! But I applaud those who are active and are making changes, so the future will be better for future generations!

Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?All my KatsuDeku fanfic recommendations in one place! Feel free to ask for a list or leave your own recommendation! Click here to check all tags! Originally posted by crybaby-broccoli. Whoever he was to him, had been to him—Katsuki was in love. Izuku Midoriya wishes he never had to wake up. After a villain attack, Katsuki begins to lose his memories at an alarming rate.

They persevered through any challenge thrust into their arms, embracing it, and conquering it by any means necessary. Most quirks have some kind of limit at least though, so theoretically, waiting it out should bring your memories back. After one more physical and some paperwork, you should be free to go. When Izuku was 23 years old, pro hero Ground Zero blasts his way into his life. I really have bad experience with it and just can't try to read it anymore.

I feel discomfort reading it and I don't want to ruin others' joy of it or provoke wars with what I think about it. Thank you for helping us readers so much, we're blessed with people like you. Originally posted by captainyugihoe. Can you tell me the name of that fanfic where izuku keeps calling Katsuki by bakugou instead of kacchan? He was in love with Midoriya Izuku and he had no idea who he was.

Bakugo likes it. They were winners. But things are never as they seem. Hey I was wondering if you knew of any good stories where deku just goes off on katsuki and releases all his anger about the how katsuki has treated him.

I recently discovered my love for angry Izuku. Can you please make a list of fics where he looses his shit in front of Katsuki? I think there isn't any tag for it and it would be difficult to find smth, so can be also sassy Izuku fics, since they're great too!All my KatsuDeku fanfic recommendations in one place! Feel free to ask for a list or leave your own recommendation! Click here to check all tags!

Originally posted by kacchanns.

Izuku comes back to the dorm as a child. Katsuki is his impromptu caretaker. Except for one Bakugou Katsuki, who has seen this phase one too many times already. Unfortunately one Midoriya Izuku is stuck taking care of him to repay the favour. I aint even gonna give a longass summary, katsuki gets hit with a de-aging quirk and Deku has to take care of him till it wears off. Izuku was enjoying his day off when a de-aging quirk hits his boyfriend, now his boyfriend is a 5 years old and somehow many secrets are revealed as he waits for his Kacchan to turn back into normal….

Deku crosses paths with a Villain who has the power to change ages, and leaves Izuku a toddler! Katsuki Bakugo is a genius in the battlefield, he can fearlessly face down any villain, but when a routine route goes awry with his internship partner Deku, he ends up facing the biggest challenge of his life when a villain turns Deku into a toddler.

Midoriya Izuku never expected to have to care of a four year old. But here he was… looking after four year old Bakugou Katsuki. Rushing through the crowd the police grabbed the villain and started to clean up by getting rid of the crowd and the crying father rushed to the little girl.

Too shocked to do anything but stare at the little kid I barely noticed when a bright green light appeared behind me.

Midoriya gets turned into a 4-year-old, Class 1-A freaks and Bakugou is sick of this bullshit. Do you have a list of age regression fics?

izuku turned into a child fanfiction

The ones where one of them usually got hit by a quirk and turned into a child? I know there are some but without proper tagging on the site it's hard to find. Chapters] Kacchan!

izuku turned into a child fanfiction

Watch Your Language! Izuku is reminded of the soft friendship Kacchan and he shared before they broke apart. This will be fun. Chapters] De-Aged?!


So, how the hell do you change a diaper?!Please read the FAQ before sending in asks! Click and hold on link to view on mobile All fics are posted automatically!!! Let me know if you need help with anything! Series: Part 7 of Tododeku Week Hot and Cold by Saku Shigaraki returns from Nabu Island and gives a report about the situation there.

Dabi is not happy because of what he hears.

izuku turned into a child fanfiction

Keep reading. Kinda like coming back to a nice, cozy home, if that makes sense. Shouto stops, fork midway to his mouth. He blinks, then looks around the room again, at his classmates chattering softly or watching the documentary. True Colors Shining by MermaidMayonnaise.

In Japanese, the first kanji of his name means burn and the second means freeze. In the language of the selkies, his name means lost love. The Traitor Game by Etrama. Nedzu is unsatisfied with the progress of the first years in certain fields.

He quickly invents a game for the first year hero classes to play and sends them away on a two week autumn training camp. With information gathering and tactics as the main focus Izuku is chosen by Nedzu to play the main antagonist.

As the Conductor, leader of the 8 traitors he tries his best.

izuku turned into a child fanfiction

And while the heroes of the game still underestimate the difficulty the Conductor already started gathering information and laying his traps. Bakugou regarded him for a long moment. What was important was that he had a second chance with Bakugou. Thank you for giving me a second chance. Losers by saltbanana. Torn between the conflicting desires of his body and mind, Todoroki is trying to figure out what it is he really wants.

Everyone was acting so differently today, Izuku found it odd. Ochako, Tsuyu, Tenya, heck even Shouto seemed excited for something. Shouto, the stoic cold prince of class 1-A was excited for something.

Was there a special occasion today? The only one Izuku could think of was his birthday, but only Katsuki and maybe Aizawa-Sensei if he even cared enough we all know he does shut up Izuku to remember should know. So why? Plot Twist by MusicalMelody Only on HNN, tonight at 8 o'clock! Inko and Izuku have a long-needed conversation. Series: Part 9 of assorted bnha oneshots. Series: Part 6 of Tododeku Week Denki Kaminari had always been a charmer.People are just meant to disappoint him.

Keep reading. Lucky For You, Son by z ku. Toshinori allowed the boy time to think back. Back to sunset-colored sandbeds. Back to heavy appliances and scrap metal. Back to sore binder imprints on sweat-coated skin and a nervous confession from student to teacher about truth, honesty, and identity. Originally posted by deafmic. Series: Part 5 of tddk week, So bro I saw those head cannons with dad might, dadzawa and dad mic where the kids are deaged.

And sort of how they were as children?? Overload by Way2GoWillow. He wants to leave, Toshinori thought. Was he hiding an injury? Sugimoto and opens up a pocket at the top of his briefcase. In it, are two clear plastic bags, clearly marked and labeled in red and black ink.

Evidence bags. Sugimoto pulls them out and what little breath Shouta still has is forced from his lungs. One of the bags holds a familiar red sneaker, scuffed at the edges with the dirt and grime of the walking trails around UA. A dark scrape runs along the side where its owner has a habit of rubbing it along the legs of his desk when he thinks too much. The other holds a pair of metal-rimmed glasses.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. While out on patrol as part of a work study Midoriya gets hit with a Quirk that temporarily reverts him to being 4 years old.

The kid just looks at him with a blank stare and goes back to the blueberries.

BNHA fanfic recs

So Shouta tries again. Shouta and Hizashi have been waiting for their missing puzzle piece when they stumble upon a curious green-eyed kid who loves blueberries. Fluffy, chaotic family shenanigans ensue. Katsuki is known for being the no nonsense, hot headed one, while Izuku is the crybaby.

But as much as Katsuki likes to project his strength, and finds pride in his abilities and knowledge, he isn't always that brash and bold guy. These are the moments where Katsuki couldn't hold his tears in.

sick izuku

Rated E for future chapters, follows the anime vs the manga, but Author is aware of manga spoilers. Tags will be updated with every chapter. A collection of one-shots of varying lengths. Updated on Sundays hopefully. Not in chronological order.

Several people Bakugou have a foul mouth. Injuries run in the business, but nothing too bad happens, I promise. Just fluff here. Bakugou was violent, the heart of a volcano and the temperament of a typhoon. Powerful, and unyielding. Izuku was calm, a gentle wind to Bakugou's fury.

Bright like a shining sun, soft like the spring breeze. Two people, connected yet so different. A battle between powerful forces. Beings from the earth and sky and sea, coming to life. A war of gods among men. And they are in the center of it all. Izuku goes on a holiday to the states to meet All Might's old friend. Things take a turn for the strange as he runs into two children who curiously remind him of himself and Tomura.

Aizawa Shouta and his husband Hizashi Yamada have been married since they graduated from Yuuei. A few years after they got their careers settled, Hizashi approached Shouta stating how he wanted to adopt, Shouta not against the idea agreed. They end up adopting 4 brothers all under the age of 3. Basically spin-off chapters depicting more of the life of Izuku Midoriya, boy born with a very powerful quirk: Super Cuteness! Time jumps inbound, features all ages and references to main fic, so go read it!

Not all men are created equal. Most children in this super-powered society developed quirks at age four, some where later bloomers, and some children had their quirks from birth. Izuku Midoriya is part of the minority born with theirs. His quirk: Super Cuteness.Smol Thinking self. Izuku is a child prodigy that believes any quirk can be a hero.

If deku turn into a girl -- Kamikiritodobakudeku -- Reupload

After getting pelted by vegetables by his mother one night he has the idea. Now Izuku uses a Nerve Gear a product that is recalled in this timeline due to it being created by the biggest terrorist in recent history. And removed the motor function inhibitor. With the Nerve gear hidden as a pair of headphones he uses it to control the swarm to make stuff like shields. The nanoparticles are made of recycled aluminum because he didn't have the money to build a better machine to manufacture them with something stronger.

His builds have a habit of melting if he makes stuff like rockets or other things. When Kacchan is in the sludge villain he turns them into a sound gun that acts like Present Mics quirk and it melts into slag after 1 shot. The first day of UA Izuku is actually doing well, making a glove for strength and boots to help with jumping but Aizawa demands he goes all out and Izuku turns them into a Rail Gun and the ball is slammed into the moon. His skin is burning and he is misted by Todoroki to cool him down.

Bakugou is the only one that knows its not a quirk and has repeatedly told Izuku that a cheap toy won't replace a real quirk. After the first combat training exercise both Izuku and Bakugou are both injured and Bakugou says "Do you really think this proves anything? If I had five more minutes I could have beat you. Because thats the difference between you and me Kacchan. Your born lucky, I was lucky to be born. We were never the biggest, or the fastest. Humans are endurance runners who know how to sharpen a stick.

If i can't be a hero with the nanoparticles then that means humans can't make anything anymore. Weapons evolve and if human biologically out steps the tools we have that would mean we've fallen behind.

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