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Browsing page 1 of words meaning young person 26 words total. Mommy, I had an accident. See more words with the same meaning: to defecate, poop, shit. See more words with the same meaning: to urinate, pee, piss.

Last edited on Mar 22 Submitted by Bev R. Our son was an accident. See more words with the same meaning: young person. Share Tweet E-mail. Usage Vulgarity SlangMap. Last edited on Apr 10 Submitted by J. See more words with the same meaning: to insult, complain, criticize. See more words with the same meaning: animals related to. Last edited on Apr 09 Jenkins, Jr. See more words with the same meaning: politics, government related to.

Last edited on Aug 19 She's an ankle biter. This definition is questionable and is pending deletion. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 10 No citation available, but this term has been used often in Boeing Co staff and management meetings.

I was late for my deposition this morning Last edited on Dec 12 Submitted by OffGrid9 on Dec 12 What's the matter? Are you chicken? See more words with the same meaning: afraid, scared. Last edited on Feb 26 Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 01 See more words with the same meaning: a coward, wimp, weakling. I'm looking for some chicken tonight at the bar. See more words with the same meaning: man, men, male.

slang for funny person

Submitted by Bill C. They hate it when we bang that money slangin' these chickens. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 25 See more words with the same meaning: driving and driving maneuvers. See more words with the same meaning: games related to. Last edited on Jul 24 The English language is vast, with more than one million words and counting, according to Merriam-Webster.

And while we may think we know all the words there are to know, our vocabularies are undoubtedly limited. In fact, there are plenty of silly and funny English words we may not have realized existed at all. For instance, instead of calling someone gulliblewhy don't we say they're a gobemouche? Or what if, instead of grabbing our umbrellawe grabbed our bumbershoot? While you may know some of these, you might not know what these funny dictionary words really mean—or how to use them.

So go ahead and widen your vocabulary with these silly slang words. Flibbertigibbet is slang derived from the Middle English word flepergebetwhich meant "gossip" or "chatterer.

To the average person, the word gobbledygook might sound like gibberish, and they wouldn't be wrong. The slang term, which means "wordy and generally unintelligible jargon" was first used inaccording to Merriam-Webster. If you're a gobemoucheit means you're "a credulous person" who typically believes anything they hear. So, instead of using the word gullibleuse this French derived-word instead.

Despite what it sounds like, this funny dictionary word word has nothing to do with licking or splitting. The word lickety-splitfirst used around according to Merriam-Webstermeans moving "at great speed" or "very quickly.

slang for funny person

Skedaddlewhich means to "run away" or "scram," was first used inand has military origins. Per Merriam-Websterthe slang word was first used by Union troops in the Civil War to describe Confederate soldiers who retreated.

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Hootenanny was used often decades ago as slang to describe a gathering of folk singers, with regular folk joining in for a jam session.

It was first used in the late '20s and gained a lot of traction throughout the '30s. Widdershins is basically just another way to say "counterclockwise," derived from a German word meaning "to go against.

If you wanted to call someone "drunk" or describe someone heavily under the influence in the '70s, you would say they were blitzed. The slang term was first used in this way during the late '60s, but before that, the word was a war-term that meant "using bombs against.

American Slang Dictionary

The world of Hollywood is considered the world of the glitterati. According to Merriam-Websterthe word describes people who are rich and glamorous. It's a combination of the word literatiwhich means the "intellectual elite," with the word glitter. Bumfuzzled is American slang to describe a state of "confusion" or "bewilderment.

Gardyloo was first used in Edinburgh "as a warning cry" when people would throw slops from their windows onto the streets. Taradiddle describes "pretentious nonsense" like a "fib," and Merriam-Webster says stories of the word's origin are also pretentious nonsense. Even though it was included in a dictionary of colloquial speech, it's clear it was used long before then—although no one knows exactly when or where, despite claims they do. Getting a brewski with the boys? First used inthis is just an American slang term for "beer," derived from the word brew which describes how beer is made.

If someone is giving you the heebie-jeebiesit means they're giving you the "jitters" or creeping you out. If you have a "bellyache," you can also say you're experiencing collywobbles.Culture July 5, Our lingo comes as naturally to us as breathing. This is the list for you. I currently go to college in Ohio. Use this list as a checkpoint for your age.

In person, people only say the individualized letters T, B and T.

slang for funny person

Out loud, teens say the individual letters S, M and H. These are casual phrases; if you really want to show someone you love them, you generally type all the words out. In person, people say the individual letters of T, B and H. I personally never use the term if I can help it. Whatever the preference, most people I know use it uncapitalized.

I normally use it uncapitalized, but for emphasis, you can go all caps. Good times. Subtweet can be jokingly used in real life situations, but it comes from someone indirectly tweeting about another person without specifying who they are. Casual subtweet. Normally used in response to a subtweet or shade. That was savage. Being very politically and socially aware of the corruption or problems in different systems, governments and countries.

Stay woke. Can either describe people that are bigger than others or body parts that are bigger than usual. Used often to describe celebrities or people that are inspirational. Sometimes used jokingly to describe people who are relatable. What an icon.Top definition. The fact that you're wasting time looking up "funny". That's funny. When someone else gets hurt. Dude, John just smacked his head on the car door! It was as funny as the time Lisa got bitten by her pet goat! Makes you laughodd.

funny person

That was funny. There's something funny about this. Funnies unknown. The only part of a newspaper worth looking at. Located beside or near the crossword puzzles and cryptoquote. Paper Boy - "Here's your paper, Susan. A way of describing the girl you really like, either to said girl or your friends, without hinting too much.

Either used by shy men who have a hard time admitting they really like someone or describing the girl you like to your friend that proclaims himself the matchmaker or love finder yes, this is a stereotyped friend that every bro has, you may even be this person - if so, you have learned the secret code of bro hinting ha, and you only thought girls spoke in hint. Stereotype matchmaker : "hey hey, I hear you and Alexa have a thing, wink wink, nudge nudge. She is pretty funny tho". Funny unknown.

Something that causes you to laugh 2. A person who isn't quite right. Lolthats funny! That guy is a bit It was funny as hell! Dirty Kathryn Geezer Schoolie Dirty Colton Sinatra Boneless children Nudes day Dirty Kathy Dirty maddy Dirty genesis Lil Moser Alphabetical list funnoodles.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Learning American street slang is vital to understanding the growth and evolution of the English language.

Here at YourDictionary, we've gathered comprehensive lists of American and regional slang. Funny American slang words consist both of coined words and phrases and of new or extended meanings attached to established terms.

Slang tends to develop from the attempt to find fresh and vigorous, colorful, pungent, or humorous expression. Nothing could be further from the truth! The use of slang has no correlation to the speaker's intelligence or grasp of language. Indeed, creative use of slang can be a fun and enlightening component of anyone's vocabulary. Some slang words are commonly used across the country and appear in nationwide communication such as movies, television and magazines.

But, some slang words have not gone mainstream and are used only in certain regions of the U. For example, here are a few regional slang words. Everything but a child of God originally Southern - To be cursed out or called names. Y'all want anything? No account South - Something or someone broken or worthless.

Never used ironically, and a pretty nasty insult when directed at a person. It's more commonly used to describe objects. Naw man, I got a rad Camaro up on blocks, but that engine just ain't no account. Pank Michigan - To compress or push down. Punee Hawaii - A small couch or daybed. We just napped all day on the punee. Whoopensocker Wisconsin - A uniquely Midwestern way to say something is wonderful.

Since slang is constantly changing, it can be difficult to find definitions of certain terms in a printed dictionary. Luckily, there are many different websites offering rich collections of funny American slang words. For example:. It only includes words that are used regionally. Audio clips are included for many words, giving you the opportunity to hear the regional slang word being said.

Example sentences are provided with each term to make it easier to understand the correct usage. While the quality of the information can sometimes be questionable, this site is often the best resource for learning more about obscure slang usage.

Slang Cityalthough not a dictionary in the traditional sense, is another great resource for anyone interested in learning more about American street slang.

This entertaining website features articles, illustrated topical guides to various types of slang, and interactive games such as the "Random Insult Generator.Now you'll be able to understand what the youths are saying. Definition: Want to get this party started? Then you better turn up. After all, there is nothing teens love more than parties except maybe selfies.

Also can be used ironically. Definition: It's like the "Throwback Thursday" that is common vernacular for the rest of the Instagram-using world, except teens are edgy and use it on other days of the week. Throwback Thursday on a Monday? Now that is some hardcore stuff. Used in a sentence: "TBT to dat time we were listening to Drake and drinking vodka from a water bottle in your parents' basement! Definition: Used to express you are in the process of doing something difficult. You have to be "on" a grind; it modifies the preexisting process you are discussing.

After all, nothing is easy when you are a teen. Used in a sentence: "I'm on that midterms grind, I have to study at the library this weekend! Definition: Basically, your ass just got called out.

Teens love to tell it like it is, after all. Used in a sentence: "Mrs. Smith yelled at me in class for cracking jokes. Dude, I got chirped! Definition: Um, it's like "though" but better, and used for emphasis. There really isn't much to it. Definition: Teens LOVE technology, so they naturally have slang for the process of uploading pictures to social media via a mobile electronic device — hence, "mupload.

Definition: Use it as an exclamatory word to emphasize a statement. It also can be used at the beginning OR end of a sentence. Because teens are notoriously "difficult" this word doesn't exactly have a concrete definition.A lot of things in culture are cyclical.

They're cool for a few years, then fall out of favor for a decade or two, and then they go back to being cool again. Just look at fashion, or music, or nutrition. Bacon is good for you. Wait, now it's bad for you. No, no, hold on—it's good for you again. But one aspect of culture that never seems to get a second act is slang.

It has a brief surge at popularity and then, with few exceptions, gets swept into the dustbin of history. Every once in awhile, a slang phrase has staying power, like "hip" or "groovy. The phrase "cat's pajamas" is not going to be returning to the popular vernacular anytime soon. Herein are 50 slang terms that once-upon-a-time dominated the world, today only elicit laughter.

If you smugly thought you were just a little bit smarter than everybody else during the s, you might have had this insult hurled at you—which, to our modern ears, sounds an awful lot like a hot dog brand. We're sure this '40s-era slang—an expressive way of describing a fist that's prepared to punch you right in the face—is intended to be intimidating. But it's always just struck us as adorable. Sorry for not trembling in fear at the mental image of your fist between two slices of bread.

When loosely translated, this British term gives us another word for being embarrassingly intoxicated. And, when used correctly, represents the exact moment your drunk brain has had enough—and when the English language is no longer accessible. Maybe we live in the wrong era, but when we think of cracking shins, the first thing that comes to mind isn't "they must be a good dancer.

Insupporting veterans means thanking them for their service. But there was a time when having an admiration for the military meant that you were really impressed by their khaki uniforms. You might even say you were wacky for it.

Somebody who is particularly remarkable and special, or at least thinks they are.

Like Kanye West, for instance. How many times have you said to your friends, "That Kanye West is such a sockdollager? Back in the '20s, the term for mocking someone who was full of baloney was applesauce. If you were full of applesauce, it's not because you just had a delicious snack. Words like "drunk" and "inebriated" are so cold.

If you're going to describe how you consumed way too many adult beverages and then made a fool of yourself, why not do it with some flair? Tell your friends, "I got so zozzled last night," and they'll start wondering whether you've been hanging out with Elton John. If you called somebody a flutterbum during the '50s, they'd think you were complimenting their appearance. Probably not safe to try that today, as it kind of sounds like you're tossing out an insult. Yes, we get it, liquor can break down inhibitions and make you giggle sometimes.

But this is just a creepy and weird way of talking about alcohol. Don't believe us? Next time you host a dinner party, ask your guests if they'd like some giggle water with their meal. See how that goes. This slang term for a policeman leaves us with a lot of questions.

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